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Do You Have A Project That Requires Chipboard or Paperboard?

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Hammond Paper is a supplier of paperboard products to a wide variety of customers including printers, folding carton, corrugated, furniture, book and binder manufacturers, and food related businesses.

Our inventory of paperboard products spans calipers from .010 to .138 and includes many grades of plain chipboard, clay coated, black 1 side and graphic board.

Applications our customers typically use our products for include:

  • layer pads, skid liners and slip sheets
  • folding cartons and dividers
  • signage, displays and setup boxes
  • game boards, binder panels, and book covers.


Rotary Slitting
Our Milwaukee slitter accurately and efficiently cuts to your finished size in preparation for the next finishing step.
We also custom cut spines for binders on our spine cutter.
Guillotine Cutting
Three guillotines are available to custom cut your board requirement for spacers, layer pads, stiffeners etc.
Bundle Tying
We also offer bundle tying – items are tied according to your specifications.

Die Cutting

Our Thompson clam shell die cutter has the capacity for a 28×40 sheet size.

We have the ability to die cut stock ranging in caliper from .010 to .250 in house – yes, 1/4 inch thick!


We will manufacture your desired custom product – whether you supply the stock or we do.

Board Gluing
BOARD TO BOARD: Pasting can be done straight grain (grain of all plies run parallel). When using plain chipboard, the end product is known as pasted chipboard.
We manufacture cross-grain pasted chipboard (grain of each ply rotates 90 degrees, 3 ply minimum – odd number of plies required).
We will glue black or white stock to one or both sides of plain chipboard or clay coated board.

Paper Mounting
PAPER TO BOARD: Plain or printed paper in sheets to sheets of board (one or two sides).

Foam Gluing
FOAM TO BOARD: Applying foam to board on one side.
We also sandwich foam between two sheets of board, generally a thick pasted board on the bottom with a thinner board for a topliner.


Two grooving tables which enable us to cut a channel out of board .060 or thicker in caliper.
This allows the item to fold easily along the groove (for sample books, portfolios, setup boxes etc.)
We have the ability to groove one or two sides. Grooves may also be done with the height or the width or both (perpendicular to each other).
We are able to groove with more than one groove width on the same finished item.
Finished boards are cut to size by square cutting on one of our guillotines or rotary slitter.

Round Corner Panels

Our round corner cutter has the capacity to cut items up to 17 inches wide.
We have many blades for cutting various radii.
If your item is over 17 inches, we can die cut the corners.


If you didn’t see the chip or paperboard product you need on our site, or are looking for SBS, CCNB, corner posts, hand wrap, or warehousing services, please contact us.