What is Chipboard?

Chipboard (otherwise known as “cardboard”) is a stiff and heavy duty kind of paper. It usually comes in two types: corrugated and non corrugated. Chipboard has various uses, depending on the type. It has varying densities and is efficient and convenient to use. It’s affordable and a “greener” alternative to other materials.

chip board

Chipboard comes with many advantages and can be used for a variety of industrial uses – including binders, hard cover books, boxes, industrial packaging as well as for consumer uses like scrapbooking.  Here are some uses for chipboard:

  1. Binders & Hard Cover Books – Chipboard is often used in making 3 ring binders, where 3 pieces of chipboard are cut out of a larger piece of cardboard to make the front cover, back cover and spine, which are then wrapped in vinyl to which the metal rings are attached.   
  2. Boxes – Chipboard is often used for boxes – both rigid boxes like a jewelry box wrapped in leather or fine papers, or folding cartons.  One of the best things about cardboard is that it can be recycled again and again without losing its strength.
  3. Packaging – Most companies use chipboard for packaging due to its light feel and eco-friendly advantages. You can find chipboard used as packaging in the food industry. It can be easily customized, making it preferable to other materials for many manufacturers.
  4. Scrapbooks Chipboard is popular amongst scrapbook enthusiasts. It is easy to paint, pin designs to, and cover with patterned paper. Chipboard is light and easy to carry around.

Hammond Paper manufactures and delivers chipboard and cardboard nationwide. For custom chipboard and other products, call us at 1-877-750-CHIP (2447). We are located at 100 Four Valley Drive, Unit B, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 4T9.

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