Chipboard Boxes: Decorative, Versatile, and Functional

Published on Thu, Nov 29, 2018 5:00 PM GMT

We don’t often notice the packaging that a new shirt or tie comes in, or the takeout containers we bring home. Usually these items come in nondescript, plain boxes that we casually toss into a recycling bin. The holiday season, however, brings with it decorative and beautiful chipboard packaging that can be used and enjoyed long after the festivities have ended. Without chipboard boxes, gift-giving would look very different. Let’s discover how chipboard is used to make unique and artistic boxes that make the holidays a little bit brighter—and far more functional.

Why is Packaging So Important?

The ability to appreciate beauty is one of the most human of traits and arguably one of our better ones. Thus, it comes as no surprise that our perception of worth is based on how something looks and how it’s packaged. Several studies show that we gravitate toward pleasant colour combinations , and even our perception of typefaces can alter our judgement of objects.

One of the more interesting studies that explains our attraction to things like beautiful packaging comes from Nissan Research and Development, Inc. Researchers concluded that because we gather context based on what we see, we can also perceive things like “relative locations and expectations about what other kinds of objects might be encountered.” This tells us that when we see a pretty box (perhaps adorned with a ribbon), we assume that its contents will also be pretty, valuable, or both.

The marketing and advertising industries have known this for years and use this information to sell things based on our inherent perceptions of pretty packaging. We don’t, however, appear to be complaining much. Let’s look at some of the ways that chipboard has been dressed up to get our attention and add beauty to our lives.

Leather-wrapped chipboard:

Chipboard is remarkably versatile. Sturdy chipboard wrapped in leather or faux-leather can make all kinds of useful containers to hold jewelry. You might see this application in leather- or vinyl-wrapped boxes for larger gifts. Not only will these last for many years and keep things tidy and organized, they will also look gorgeous in your home. Larger boxes can even be repurposed as magazine holders or fill other organizational needs.

Paper-wrapped gift boxes:

Opening a plain box—and the anticipation of what it may hold—is exciting, but opening a decorated chipboard box only adds to the joy of the moment. Boxes covered in unique paper or designs also don’t have to be additionally wrapped, thus saving you time and money. Just add a ribbon or bow, and voila! It’s the perfect-looking gift.

Paper-wrapped chipboard can also used for homemade games and toys, books, and personalized scrapbooking projects. These gifts are unique and beautiful on their own, so there’s no need to wrap them. Simply tie a ribbon around your creation and leave it under the tree (or ask Santa to drop it off for you!).

Gift box sets:

Again we see the versatility of chipboard when used in the creation of imaginative gift box sets. Boxes filled with bath and beauty items, sock or tie collections, or fancy, artisanal food items make your gift-giving easy and appreciated. No wrapping is required for these gifts either—all you need is some ribbon or a festive bow.

CD box sets:

As much as digital music dominates the way we listen to tunes these days, there’s still something charming and personal about an actual CD box set. Not only is it a convenient way to neatly organize lots of music, but it’s a nice walk down memory lane, especially for those who enjoyed CDs long before the age of the Internet. Opening cleverly designed chipboard box sets, reading the liner notes, looking at photos, and putting the whole thing back together in an easily accessible package is something many people still enjoy. Consider a CD box set made from chipboard for the music lover in your life this year.

Boxes of chocolate and other treats:

A somewhat underappreciated use for chipboard is in food packaging, especially chocolate and other delights. At this time of year, we give ourselves permission to enjoy all kinds of delicious treats, and giving them as gifts is a popular idea. Cookies and candy wrapped in creative packaging makes eating them that much sweeter. Make the chocoholic in your life happy this year with a sweet chipboard-covered box of chocolates.

Chipboard holiday crafts:

There are a number of do-it-yourself projects you can make for the holidays using chipboard. Homemade gift boxes and ornaments are thoughtful and fun, especially if you get the kids involved. You can decorate y our own gift boxes for special gift recipients . Imagine receiving not only a beautiful box, but discovering that it was made especially for you! Such a lovely gesture.

Meanwhile, since the kids are home from school and looking for things to do, get them busy with holiday crafts. At Babble Dabble Do, learn how to make your own chipboard tree ornaments . This is an easy project that requires little more than a few cereal boxes ( or other chipboard destined for the recycling bin), tinfoil, leaves or string, and glue. These adorable ornaments can be hung all over your tree or given out as fun gifts.

Photographs are always a welcome gift for parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Imagine how much more memorable these photos will be when displayed in handmade picture frames. The website Creative Ideas offers instructions for how to make a chipboard picture frame , a keepsake that tells your loved ones just how special they are. Is there nothing that chipboard can’t do?

As you can see, chipboard has quietly been making the holiday gift-giving season beautiful and easy for a very long time. Chocolate boxes, gift boxes, and artistic packaging delight the senses and add to the excitement of both the giving and the receiving of any gift.

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