Edge Protectors & U Channel Boards 

All sizes and thicknesses of edge protectors and strap guards to protect corners and stabilize pallet shipments

Edge protectors, also known as edge boards, corner posts or corner protectors, are stiff L shaped boards offered by Hammond in 80 – 400 point thickness (0.080” – 0.400”).  These boards are typically made to order and used to protect the corners of product on skids from being damaged and to provide vertical strength for multi-pallet stacking, often enabling more skids to be packed in a container or trailer and decreasing transportation costs and load damage costs.  

U channel boards offered by Hammond are multi-paneled (up to 6 panels) and up to 25 feet long, hinged and durable solid paperboard that ship flat and are then folded up to protect long or difficult to package product.  They are similar to standard 2 panel L shaped edge protectors, but are used to protect edges on things like door or window frames or any long products on 3 sides or more. Hammond “lay flat” U channel boards transport and store much more easily than the standard stiff U shaped boards.  

Both edge protectors and U channel board can be custom printed with logos, instructions, safety tips or advertising messages.

In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from recycled and recyclable materials.
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