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Companies today are looking for more than just great products, they often have needs that go beyond just the shipment of products to their warehouse. We strive to meet those needs. From die-cutting to gluing, we go the extra mile for our US customers and extra 1.6 KM for our Canadian customers.

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The Hammond Paper team has in-house equipment for your specific cutting needs. Look no further for expert cut, custom paperboard, chipboard, and cardboard.

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Die Cutting

If you can dream up a pattern, we can cut it to your specifications out of paperboard up to ¼” thick.

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Laminating / Gluing

We will manufacture your desired laminated custom product – whether you supply the stock or we do.

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If your project requires an item to fold smoothly, like in the case of a set up box, it needs one or more grooves (whether it’s U or V grooves), we have the equipment to do that.

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Round Cornering

If your cardboard, chipboard, or paperboard project requires rounded corners, we have the equipment to get the job done!

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