Corrugated Cardboard

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Corrugated cardboard, which is often referred to as cardboard is the material which most boxes made for shipping is made out of, but is also used for a myriad of applications. Corrugated is a material consisting of a corrugated medium sandwiched between two solid linerboard sheets and is made on "corrugators".

Hammond stocks corrugated sheets in standard calipers and sizes like 23B and 32B 40”x48” and can provide you with multiple other sizes and calipers.

Our corrugated cardboard is often used for the following:

  • layer pads
  • skid liners
  • slip sheets
  • stiffeners
  • corrugated boxes
  • consumer and industrial protective packaging
  • sleeves and dividers
  • signage and displays
  • picture frames & backers
In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from recycled and recyclable materials.
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