Aluminum & steel

Effective paperboard protection for your valuable products

Our extensive line of paper-based products offer effective protection for your sensitive steel parts, extrusions, tubes or bars, as well as helping to stabilize your loads and eliminate strap damage.

Chipboard/Laminated Chipboard/Corrugated

  • We carry strips or sheets
  • Available in stock sizes or custom manufactured
  • to go right on the pallet (slip sheets / pallet liners / tier sheets), o to go between the boxes, bags or product (layer pads); and
  • to go on top of the pallet (pallet toppers)

Edge protectors or U channel boards effectively offer superior protection in storage and through during transit.

  • to protect the corners of the load and provide support for skids put on top of other skids.

Chipboard strips / spacers when stacking aluminum or steel parts to go into the ovens for baking on finishes, or for transporting finished products within your facility or outside your facility to your customers

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In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

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