Games & puzzles 

Cardboard is the most conventional material used for board games & jigsaw puzzles.

Game and puzzle manufacturers need quality, lay flat paperboard for their products and need to use effective protective packaging to get their products to distributors and retail shelves in perfect condition.  To do this, Hammond solutions for game and puzzle manufacturers include: 

Game boards and puzzle pieces   

60 point (.060”) thick to 120 point (.120”) chipboard and graphic board is often cut to size, then wrapped in a fine paper or die cut in the case of puzzles

Puzzle or game boxes

30 point (.030”) thick to 60 point (.060”) chipboard is often cut to size, then wrapped in a fine paper to make the game or puzzle box to hold the game or puzzle

Protective packaging is also used by game and puzzle companies once the product is made and ready to ship:

  • slip sheets / pallet liners / tier sheets to go right on the pallet to protect the product from nails on the pallet, and water and dirt
  • layer pads to go between the stacks of printed materials stabilize the load; and
  • pallet toppers to go on top of the pallet to protect the printed materials from moisture and dirt;

Pallet wrap solutions, whether it be hand wrap, machine wrap, banding film or pallet topper sheets are then used.

Contact us today to let us know your requirements or to help you define your requirements and determine whether it makes sense to do a stocking program with us for your customized requirements so you can always get what you need the same or next day.

In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

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