Flexible, low cost and durable paperboard makes a great foundation for your quality furniture pieces

Whether you are making one a kind furniture pieces or are a large volume producer of furniture, making high-quality goods at the lowest possible cost is your top priority.  

To do this, you need to use quality materials, cut to the precise size and shape you need, and you need to make sure you use the protective packaging required to get it to your customer in perfect condition. 

To achieve this, you need:  
  • precision cut or die cut chipboard or graphic board – whether it’s for the panels under the upholstery on a beautiful sofa or lounge chair, or the bottom of an office chair 

  • edge protectors to protect the furniture on a pallet, or perhaps to wrap your finished products in a display-friendly manner so your customer can see the finished piece and confirm its dimensions, look and feel.  

  • effective pallet wrap solutions, whether it be hand wrap, machine wrap, banding film or pallet topper sheets 

Contact us today to let us know your requirements or to help you define your requirements and determine whether it makes sense to do a stocking program with us for your customized requirements so you can always get what you need the same or next day.

In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

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