Pallet Wrap 

We offer 4 types of pallet wraps to make sure your products are secured for shipping, delivery and storage.

Hammond is pleased to offer multiple types of custom films for wrapping of pallets, but the 4 primary films we offer are:

PrecisionrapXL Pre-Stretched Hand Wrap -  A two-part handheld system includes a durable, ergonomically designed dispenser and uses a unique, high-performance stretch film to wrap your pallet with the right amount of stretch and load containment every time.

Machine film - We offer a variety of order quantities at competitive prices; we can help you choose the product that’s just right for your application.

Handywrap Pre-Stretched Coreless Banding Film – Handywrap combines the properties of pre-stretched film with the benefits of coreless film to create an innovation that is ideal for the environmentally minded and cost-conscious consumer. It provides the same or better load stability and load containment, with significantly less film by weight when compared to conventional banding film products.

Plastic pallet topper sheets – Ensure your load doesn’t get damaged by the elements by covering it with plastic pallet topper sheets then securing the load with pallet wrap around the outside of the pallet - plastic pallet topper sheets are available up to 60x72” in standard sizes or larger in custom sizes.  

In line with our goal of being as eco-friendly as possible, most Hammond products are made from recycled and recyclable materials.
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