Layer Pads

Add an extra layer of protection to the shipping and storing process.

A layer pad is an item used to separate layers of products or goods that are stacked on top of each other for storage or shipping, whether on pallets or another surface. A layer pad is placed between these items to protect them from damage. The pads are frequently made of chipboard.

Hammond Paper ships layer pads made from paperboard or chipboard from Toronto throughout North America. Our layer pads are both recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials, which makes our products a more eco-friendly solution for all your packaging needs.

Layer pads made of chipboard are available in a variety of grades that range from corrugated cardboard to heavy-duty solid fiberboard.

Layer Pad Uses

Layer pads are used to store and ship products for several industries, including health services, cosmetics, food, electronics, and automotive businesses — all of whom move sensitive and/or heavy-duty materials.

Layer Pad Advantages

Damage reduction – Layer pads offer a protective layer that can decrease the risk of damage when items are in transit. They can also protect items when a cutter is used to unpack.

Environmentally-friendly – Made of recycled and recyclable materials, paperboard layer pads are a great way to preserve both your products and the ecosystem.

No matter your industry, products require protection while in transit or storage. Hammond Paper can provide the paper products or layer pads you need to protect your assets and prevent costly insurance claims or shipping delays. We can supply you and your business with quality layer pads from Toronto, making sure your products are safe and secure.

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