Skid Liners

From skid liners to slip sheets, we carry a host of products that help you protect your items in the shipping process.

Skid liners have various names, including slip sheets, anti-slip sheets, anti-skid sheets, non-slip sheets, non-skid liners and linerboard. Whatever you may choose to call them, skid liners are indispensable for packaging and shipping.

Skid liners (in solid chipboard and corrugated cardboard) are available from Hammond Paper for your business and packing needs — whether you’re looking for skid liners in Toronto or other areas in Canada and North America, we have what you need.

The Skinny on Skid Liners

Skid liners are thin layers made of paper or board, sometimes covered with an anti-slip/anti-skid coating. The liners provide protection for items stacked on top of one another and prevent merchandise from slipping from those stacks, reducing the risk of damage.


Applications for skid liners include lining for:

  • On top of pallets
  • Between items or boxes as they are stacked on pallets
  • Protective covering on floors
  • For shipping containers


With high burst strength and tear resistance, skid liners, whether they be chipboard or corrugated cardboard, can withstand a significant amount of weight, making them ideal for packaging, handling, and storage. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, they are also eco-friendly.
Corrugated cardboard and solid chipboard are the 2 main types of slip sheets. Either can often be used effectively, but many people have moved from corrugated to solid chipboard slip sheets for various reasons, including the fact that: solid chipboard skid liners are:

  • Thinner – chipboard skid liners take up less storage space in your warehouse and on your load, which means that there is more room for items in each container.
  • Cheaper – chipboard skid liners are a cost-efficient way to protect products and merchandise, often costing less than corrugated cardboard slip liners.

Transport your goods and merchandise safely and securely with skid liners. Hammond Paper supplies quality skid liners across North America. Toronto clients attest our liners are high quality and 100% reusable and recyclable. We handle custom orders, should your company require special requirements.

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