Chipboard is a great temporary protective floor covering

Published on Tue, Apr 30, 2019 4:00 PM GMT

During construction, while renovating or doing painting, there are many reasons why you may need to protect your floor. Whether you have carpet, wood, tile, or another hard surface, chipboard is an inexpensive and durable solution.

When you’re invested in a construction or remodeling project, you need to be sure that your floors are being protected the right way.  You can buy chipboard in rolls or sheets in varying thicknesses to suit your specific project or flooring type.

Why Floor Protection?

What are you considering floor protection for? Why do you need to keep your floors protected in the first place? Most contractors and DIY enthusiasts prefer to seek out floor protection for a variety of construction projects, from painting to remodeling. With chipboard all these needs are covered. It’s highly recommended to install a durable floor protection material before starting a decorating or painting project. Chipboard lays flat and quickly, saving you time as well as money. If you expect that your floor will be collecting a large amount of debris and paint, or exposed to heavy foot traffic (especially if with dirty work boots), make sure you invest in a temporary floor covering that can properly collect the debris for disposal.  Chipboard is recycled , recyclable and easy to dispose of.

If you expect that your floor may take some forceful hits or large amounts of weight, you might need to invest in thicker chipboard. The right kind of construction floor protection will keep your floors or carpets safe and secure throughout the duration of your remodeling project.

Chipboard is contractor preferred, 100% recycled and recyclable .

Hammond Paper chipboard rolls or sheets are the heavy duty alternative to costly & bulky Masonite – and it offers strength and durability where you need it most.  We can custom make sheet sizes to your preferred specifications or we can provide rolls in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

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