Chipboard – The Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Plastics

Published on Fri, Oct 25, 2019 4:00 PM GMT

Ever since plastic became the go to packaging material, the world at large has suffered for it. Our seas are polluted with it, our wildlife is regularly choked by it; landfills and plastic islands in the pacific are the reality we live with today.  

Unfortunately, lot of this waste comes from plastic packaging that will never biodegrade or be recycled properly. Furthermore, without actively working to reduce carbon footprints, the situation won’t see much change. This has led to many consumers having become conscious of their footprints and has moved them to combat the issue by finding eco-friendly options such as choosing to go with environmentally friendly packaging over plastics which not only prevents more waste from being produced, but also helps reduce the consumption of our earth’s limited resources. Using non-sustainable petrochemical resources, which are a part of all traditional plastics, requires a lot of energy. So not only are our limited resources being depleted, our environment is suffering from the production and lack of proper waste management.  

The responsibility to work towards an environmentally friendlier alternative does not only rest on consumers. It lies with all of us. This is especially true for the businesses consumers associate with. Many consumers are environmentally conscious in today’s world and complete their due diligence when researching which brands and companies make the environment a priority; which they then choose to do business with. An environmentally conscious company sends the message that they care about the consumer’s concerns and has values that extend beyond profit. Striving to meet your financial goals in connection with environmental goals is not only the way of the future, but the way to ensure that companies are driving the force to keep our world safe and prosperous for all future generations.  

Not only are consumers affecting the way businesses make decisions, they are also influencing the government’s stance of environmental regulations through their voting agenda. The Canadian Government, under the liberals, will start to ban single use plastics as early as 2021. Transitioning with this change before it takes effect will be a smart move for your business.  

By transitioning to recyclable packaging options before the competition, your business will not only look like an industry leader but getting ahead of the curve will allow your business to avoid getting in a jam at the last minute when the government begins banning plastic. Making these choices will allow your business to not only continue functioning smoothly, but it will also make your business a great choice in the eyes of consumers.  

In today’s world, moving towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a key concern as many become increasingly aware that their actions today reflect on the quality of life for tomorrow’s generations. However, many find it difficult or confusing when figuring out what they can do in their daily lives to commit to a healthier planet. Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish teen, has been showing the world how it can be done. She had started to advocate for global change through spending her school days on Sweden’s parliament’s steps to call for stronger climate action and held a Swedish sign reading ‘school strike for climate’. Ever since, she has been making speeches to political leaders and assemblies and leading marches and made changes to her personal life. As she takes a sabbatical from school, she is travelling to and across North America using emission free transportation such as sail boats and a Tesla. After convincing her parents to change their lifestyle (her mother quit her international opera concerts) and allow her to skip school to make a stance against climate change, Greta is working to push politicians to move past their empty words and create real change that will benefit not only today’s generation, but those that will come after. She accuses politicians of turning away from the science as they are more concerned with money; she reminds them that all the money in the world won’t prevent the earth’s decimation through pollution and carbon emissions.  

Now, not all of us can feasibly take sabbaticals to go on environmental campaigns across the world, but we can do that which is within our power. The best way to take this first step, is to work towards reducing the amount of plastic in our lives by choosing recyclable and reusable products such as chipboard. This recycled and recyclable cardboard is a great option for packaging to replace plastic. Not only is chipboard an environmentally sound option, it allows you to create packaging that can keep your products snug and secure without breaking the bank. Cardboard packaging can be made to your company’s specifications for business or consumer products and the natural, earthy-brown colour gives it a look and feel that resonates well with people today.  Chipboard can laminated to make it as thick as wood if desired, cut to any size, or die cut to any shape you want.  Printed paper can be laminated to chipboard sheets also to make it visually appealing and as colourful as you want, but still environmentally friendly and very cost effective.   

At Hammond Paper, we can accomplish all the above and more as that is our specialty. By partnering with us, your company can create unique eco-friendly chipboard packaging that will not only boost your company’s image but create a lasting effect on the environment that future generations will thank you for. After all, without a clean and prosperous earth, no one can live a fulfilling life in any regard. Switch to chipboard today and make a lasting difference.  

Operating out of Vaughan, Ontario, Hammond Paper Company has been a reliable source for chipboard and all sorts of paperboard for protective packaging in Canada for over 25 years.  Whether its sheets you’re looking for or custom sheets or packaging made specifically to suit your needs, Hammond Paper can help.  We’re not just about board – we can do custom laminating, cutting to size, die cutting, round cornering, grooving and more.   

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