Five Creative Ways to Reuse Old Cardboard

Saving old paper and cardboard products isn’t just environmentally friendly, it can save time and money by reusing them in your home or office. These uses for cardboard products can make your life more convenient and economical.

Some examples of how you can reuse your old cardboard include:

Surface protector – Corrugated cardboard and heavier gauge non-corrugated cardboard (also called chipboard which is 100% recycled) is thick, making it a good choice for stopping liquids like paint and water. Position cardboard on your floor to protect it while painting, or as a coaster to absorb water. Cutting out cardboard and gluing them to the bottom of furniture will also help to save your floors from being unnecessarily scratched.

  • Pet bed – Some pets (especially cats) like sleeping in boxes. Convert your old boxes into small pet beds by adding some toys and pillows. Additionally, cardboard can be turned into pet toys by using tubes as chew toys, or rolling bits of cardboard and paper into small balls.
  • Gardening – As a paper-based product, cardboard can be used for gardening purposes. Sheets of cardboard can be laid on top of existing weeds to cease their growth, or can be fitted around plants as a form of insulation. Cardboard can even be covered with mulch and leaf litter. After a while, the cardboard will decompose and act as compost to the soil.
  • Storage – Different cardboard boxes offer numerous storage options. Liquor boxes have built-in dividers to separate items, especially breakables, which make them an excellent option for transport. Even paper towel tubes can be used to roll up and store important documents or posters.
  • Crafts – If you have children, cardboard has unlimited potential for arts and crafts. Old cardboard sheets and boxes can be cut up and made into cards, paint canvases, or stencils. Kids may also enjoy cutting up cardboard to create toys or costumes (e.g. playhouses, trucks, robots, periscopes, and guitars).

Old cardboard has excellent potential to be used for both practical and creative purposes. By reusing your paper based materials, you are contributing to a more sustainable and healthy environment.

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