Furniture You Can Make from Cardboard

Furniture made out of chipboard is usually much more affordable than pieces made with other materials. However, it can be just as sturdy. Chipboard is often used when a person wants some furniture but is on a tight budget. In this instance, a “crafty” or handy person can make their own furniture with cardboard!

Here are some ideas:

Small stool – A small cardboard stool is a great idea for children. Cardboard is easy to paint, making it customizable in your kids’ favourite colours. With sturdier kinds of cardboard, you can make a stool suitable for a living room and give it to your friends as a gift.

Small table – This piece can be quite handy. A cardboard table, if made properly, can hold a significant amount of weight. This can be fun to make and, perhaps, become a hobby or side business for someone with a little extra time and creativity.

Book shelf – Book lovers and students are sure to love this book shelf idea. The shelves are simple enough to make and you can use cardboard boxes that you would otherwise recycle.

Dresser – Another efficient and practical use for cardboard is making a dresser. This idea may require a little patience but when you see the end result, it’s worth the time and effort. For someone on a tight budget, this is a fantastic DIY project.

Chipboard or cardboard furniture is affordable; building it simply requires some time and patience. Hammond Paper has 100% recycled, sturdy cardboard for all your projects. Contact us at 1-877-750-CHIP (2447).