How Die Cut Boxes Reduce Costs

Die cutting  is a process that uses a machine to cut various materials ( e.g. paper, cardboard, and chipboard ) into specific shapes with strategically located slots. The material can then be folded and (using the predetermined slots) assembled into a variety of structures.

With die cutting, businesses have a quick, hassle-free, and cost-efficient means of packaging and branding their products.

It may be counter-intuitive to opt for a custom-made box because they seem more expensive. However, die-cutting actually reduces costs in the long run. Here’s where the savings add up:


Die-cut cardboard , chipboard or other paperboard packaging offers excellent protection for products without adding weight, making it more effective for shipping. When shipping cargo, less space is wasted on the delivery truck since the packaging better fits your products.


Die cut boxes are assembled without glue, tape, or staple guns. Additionally, custom-shaped boxes are designed to fit your product perfectly, eliminating the need for additions like bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts.


Stunning packaging designs don’t have to be expensive. Instead of opting for embossing/debossing, gold foil, or specialty inks, you can opt for intricate and layered designs.

Other Benefits of Die Cutting


Uniformity – Die cut machines function as cookie cutters for packaging. This means that you can mass-produce identical structures with the exact dimensions of the product. Your customers can expect to receive professionally and consistently packaged products every time.

Speed – The process of die cutting and assembling the pieces are not particularly time consuming. Your workers may need some training to familiarize them with the process in the beginning. In the long run, it will save your business a significant amount time.

Aesthetics – Good packaging aesthetics are not limited to coating or varnishing with specialty inks and finishes (e.g. embossing). Die cutting is a flexible and innovative method that supports a wide array of creative methods for presenting your products.

Less Waste – Because of the simplicity and accuracy of the die cutting process, you do not need as many materials as you would with other types of packaging. This results in less waste and is more environmentally friendly.

Hammond Paper Company in Vaughan, Ontario offers quality cardboard, chipboard and other paperboard solutions for packaging and can die cut pieces for your specified dimensions. Our die cutting equipment has the capacity to cut large sheet sizes with a caliper ranging from 0.010 to 0.250 thick.

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