How to Make Your Own Boardgame

Board games can be fun to play. Whether with family or friends, it’s a great indoor activity for children and adults alike. There are thousands of board games on the market; some are based on books, TV shows, Disney princesses, and movies. Some of the oldest board games were said to have been found in the crypts from the first Egyptian dynasty.

People love playing board games because they find them fun and challenging. Making your own board game can be just as fun as playing it.

You can take an already existing board game and add your own twists to it, or make up something new. It is a chance you let unleash your creativity.

Here are three simple steps to follow when creating an original board game:

  1. Game Mechanics and Supplies – A board game is nothing without rules. Before you start building, consider the theme and mechanics of the game. If you’re stumped for a new idea, base your game on an existing one and explore ways to incorporate your own ideas. Maybe you can make a version of “Guess Who?” with your favorite TV show characters or perhaps a Harry Potter-themed “Monopoly.” Listing the supplies and materials needed for the creation of your board game is essential. The foundation for most board games is cardboard. Use the measurements from other board games to begin your design.
  2. Sketch it out and Build The Board – Draw out how you want the game to look. Which colours do you want? Do these colours have a significant meaning to the game? Will you print graphics and glue them to the board or paint it yourself? Does the game require pieces or “tokens”? Take your time when building your board game to make something of which you can be proud.
  3. Test Play – First, test your board game. Invite friends to play with you. Make the game instructions clear and understandable. Try to avoid making it too complicated; a board game is supposed to be fun. Ask your friends for their input and feedback. If you’re using an original idea, you might consider selling the idea or marketing it yourself.

Making a board game can be a great activity for a family. Create them for business purposes, gifts, or to beat boredom. Hammond Paper provides quality cardboard for the making your very own board games. Contact us at 1-877-750-CHIP (2447).