Six Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

There are several methods of reducing packaging costs. One of them is the use of sustainable packaging. Going green is an asset for your business, considering all of the benefits. Here are some of the greatest advantages of sustainable packaging and how they can be applied to your business.

  • Lower carbon footprint – Switching to green materials for packaging reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce more packaging, saving nonrenewable resources. This switch also reduces the energy needed for production and lowers the resulting CO2 emissions. The lighter packaging also makes travelling by vehicle quicker and easier, reducing carbon dioxide emission during transport.
  • Biodegradable – Most sustainable packaging is generally good for the environment, even after the packages have been shipped. Many packages made from eco-friendly material are biodegradable, facilitating their disposal after use. Alternatively, they can be recycled into new, cost-effective packaging for later use.
  • Improved brand image – Being known as an eco-friendly company improves your brand image. It gives consumers the impression that your company is concerned with the environment. Taking this route can improve sales from customers interested in buying from an environmentally-conscious company.
  • Reduced costs – Green packaging is often lighter than regular packaging, which makes transportation easier. Biodegradable materials break down over time, which ultimately reduces the cost of disposal. Businesses can also use other strategies to save money. For example, including a return address on your packaging allows consumers to reuse the packaging instead of providing extra materials.
  • More efficient storage – Shifting to sustainable materials usually coincides with more efficient design and less storage space. This allows you to transport more packages per trip, which can lower your costs. More efficient use of space also gives makes room for inventory and options for expansion.
  • Allergen-free – New biodegradable packaging materials are increasingly free of allergens and toxins that can affect customers. Bioplastics and other materials are easier on consumers’ health. This provides incentive to buy from companies that use sustainable packaging.

The benefits of sustainable packaging go beyond saving the environment. Employing more eco-friendly strategies with your business’ packaging can reduce your operating costs and bring in more revenue from customers. Use these green packaging methods not just to save the environment, but to increase your economic efficiency.

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