Why Anti-Slip Sheets Can Cost You Less

Published on Wed, Jan 10, 2024 5:00 PM GMT

Hammond Paper's anti-slip paper helps customers put an end to shifting loads and loss damages.  PACK, PROTECT, STABILIZE and TRANSPORT your products safely.


Hammond Paper permits you to safely ship your palletized goods with our high friction load stability paper and increase the number of layers within the load at the same time due to high stability. You can also eliminate other secondary packaging and reduce the amount of pallet wrap being used relying on Hammond Paper to keep your load stable in transit. Our slip sheets are FSC Certified Recycled, made of PCW, is moisture resistant, recyclable and reusable making it the sheet of choice for your sustainability and driving out waste stream tonnage and costs. 

Anti-slip sheets work by providing an additional layer of friction between layers of products or between products and pallets. This friction prevents slippage and movement during transportation, storage, or handling. Several features contribute to the effectiveness of anti-slip sheets:

Anti-slip sheets cost slightly more than regular slip sheets but preventing one mishap could easily cover the extra cost and reduce the risk of injury.



Material Composition:

Anti-slip sheets are often made from materials that offer a high coefficient of friction. Common materials include rubber, non-woven fabric, or materials with a textured surface. These materials create resistance against sliding, preventing products from slipping off pallets or shifting during transit.

Textured Surface:

Many anti-slip sheets have a textured surface that enhances the grip between layers. The texture creates friction, helping to anchor products in place and reduce the risk of slippage.

Coating or Treatment:

Some anti-slip sheets are coated or treated with substances that increase their grip. This could include coatings with anti-slip properties or treatments that enhance the surface's adherence to products and pallets.

Moisture Resistance:

Certain anti-slip sheets are designed to be moisture-resistant. This is particularly important in environments where the risk of moisture or humidity is high. Moisture-resistant coatings or materials help maintain the anti-slip properties even in damp conditions.

Customization Options:

Anti-slip sheets come in various thicknesses, sizes, and materials, allowing for customization based on specific packaging needs. The ability to tailor the anti-slip sheets to the characteristics of the products and packaging enhances their effectiveness.



Ease of Application:

Anti-slip sheets are easy to apply between layers of products or directly onto pallets. Their user-friendly design facilitates quick integration into packaging processes without requiring complex installation procedures.

Versatility in Packaging:

Anti-slip sheets can be used in various types of packaging, including boxes, bags, or individual products. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or manufacturing.


Cost-Effective Solution:

Anti-slip sheets offer a cost-effective solution for improving load stability. The reduction in the risk of product damage, the prevention of slippage-related accidents, and potential cost savings in shipping make them an economically viable choice.

Overall, the combination of materials, texture, coatings, customization options, and ease of application makes anti-slip sheets an effective solution for preventing slippage and maintaining load stability in various shipping and handling scenarios.