Why Your Company Needs Custom Packaging

Custom packaging can be a great asset for a business, especially for smaller businesses. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, custom packaging lets you tailor boxes and to better promote your brand. Here are some ways your company can benefit from using custom packaging.

Some advantages of custom packaging include:

Cost-effectiveness – Despite common misconceptions, custom packaging is a cost-effective option for packaging products, especially when using chipboard. Making custom-designed boxes for each product saves on raw material, eliminating the need for filler material by matching the product’s exact dimensions. Low-cost packaging and ink options are also readily available, allowing for better customization. Chipboard is not always a viable solution to replace corrugated , but when it is, it is often a cheaper alternative.

Protection – Designing the dimensions of the packaging provides better protection for the product. Standard-sized boxes usually contain filler materials (like packing peanuts or paper) that can contribute to damage if the product shifts during transport. Custom packaging lets you design boxes that better fit the product. You can also design corner pieces to keep the product in place.

Brand awareness – For many businesses, packaging serves as the first impression to clients. A basic box has plenty of empty space to add any eye-catching details that will stand out to customers. Making a name for your brand is a great way of generating customer loyalty, and customers who associate the brand with quality products are likely to offer repeat business.

Customer satisfaction – The customer always comes first, and custom packaging gives businesses a way to emphasize this. Better protection for products ensures better quality, which is the key to customer satisfaction. Custom packaging is also a great way to further involve your customer with your product or brand. One current trend is creating a unique unboxing experience for your customers (e.g. designing a cookie box to look like an oven or cookie jar).

Eco-friendliness  – Many modern consumers specifically target environmentally-friendly products, and chipboard which is made from 100% recycled materials sends a message that you care about the environment. If you need filler material, consider using biodegradable materials to attract these customers also. You can also work with specialists in packaging design to create environmentally-friendly designs that further enhance your brand awareness.

Custom packaging can work to a business’ advantage by attracting clientele and ensuring that the product arrives intact. Focus on what makes your brand unique in order to create innovative custom packaging for your customers and where possible use chipboard which is environmentally friendly and helps demonstrate to your customers that you care.

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