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Ways to Lower Packaging Costs

Modern businesses need to consider several factors to remain competitive. One these details is the company’s packaging costs. Good packaging is an excellent way of promoting a brand and ensuring customer satisfaction. Quality packaging can be costly. Fortunately, there are some strategies to lower costs without compromising packaging quality.

Why Your Company Needs Custom Packaging

Custom packaging can be a great asset for a business, especially for smaller businesses. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, custom packaging lets you tailor boxes and to better promote your brand. Here are some ways your company can benefit from using custom packaging.

Cover Designs to Help Books Fly off the Shelves

It’s true: we judge books by their covers. For a significant number of people, the cover is one of the determining factors when purchasing a book. It is often the packaging that captures the attention of potential readers. When choosing between different covers of the same book, a reader will often reach for the one with a better design.

Five Creative Ways to Reuse Old Cardboard

Saving old paper and cardboard products isn’t just environmentally friendly, it can save time and money by reusing them in your home or office. These uses for cardboard products can make your life more convenient and economical.

Saving money, and more reasons to switch from corrugated to chipboard

For slip sheets and many other applications, chipboard is often a better alternative than corrugated.  Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should switch today...

How Skid Liners and Layer Pads Protect Your Goods

Skid liners, also known as slipsheets and layer pads, are corrugated cardboard or chipboard that can be placed on top of pallets or between items stacked on them. Naturally, businesses that require shipping of items appreciate these sheets — they can protect various items safe from damage during transit in many ways.

2018 Packaging Trends

The package is the first point of contact your customer has with your product. As a general rule, packaging has to be informative, instructional, and should reflect the value of the item to consumers. Effective packaging goes beyond the basics and offers the consumer an “experience.” It’s what distinguishes your product from other brands and can mean the difference between the purchase of your item or getting left behind on the shelf.

Tabletop Gaming: Alive in the Digital Age

The gaming industry, with video and technological advances, has witnessed the advent of numerous innovativations in the past decade alone. Enhanced graphics and high-definition displays altered video games with realistic visuals, improved gaming experience, and playability. 

Furniture You Can Make from Cardboard

Furniture made out of chipboard is usually much more affordable than pieces made with other materials. However, it can be just as sturdy. Chipboard is often used when a person wants some furniture but is on a tight budget. In this instance, a “crafty” or handy person can make their own furniture with cardboard!

How to Make Your Own Boardgame

Board games can be fun to play. Whether with family or friends, it’s a great indoor activity for children and adults alike. There are thousands of board games on the market; some are based on books, TV shows, Disney princesses, and movies. Some of the oldest board games were said to have been found in the crypts from the first Egyptian dynasty.

What is chipboard?

Chipboard (otherwise known as “cardboard”) is a stiff and heavy duty kind of paper. It usually comes in two types: corrugated and non corrugated.

Benefits to Using Custom Paperboard

Paperboard is a popular product, used by many businesses, large and small. It is known for its versatility and customer appeal. Paperboard (also known as “cardboard”) is a popular alternative to wood and plastic...